About Us

We are proud owners of working line shepherds, bred to work and protect those whom they have developed a bond and loyalty towards.  We are dedicated to the breed and continue to learn everyday,  increasing our knowledge of training and breeding.

We are a small hobby breeder that produces 1-2 litters a year keeping in mind that we want quality over quantity of what we believe to be outstanding bloodlines. Our intent is to produce dogs that will work in sport but can also be a family companion. 

Our pups are raised indoors, the environment is structured to enhance confidence. The pups are introduced to different environments at about 3 weeks beginning with toys, different surfaces, and humans and progressing through different stages of socialization. The pups will not leave before 8 weeks of age.

We can provide you with references of past buyers of our pups, please feel free to ask. Check out our photo gallery of some of our Lone Star Working Shepherds