Welcome to Lone Star Working Shepherds! We are located in Brownwood, TX where we take pride in providing you with an elite line of breeding German Shepherds and trained with the highest quality.

Our focus is to raise and provide a caliber product of breeding dogs that have demonstrated great significant temperament, attentiveness, courage, assertiveness, self confidence, loyalty, healthy and are highly trainable.

Temperament is very important to us, our breeding dogs have superb temperaments that are passed on to their puppies. Puppies are temperament tested so that we can help you to find the perfect fit for your family and your needs.

Our goal is to train our dogs in IPO/Schutzhund and compete at all levels possible.

Our breed is imported from the Czech Republic and include Slovakian and German bloodlines Pohranicni straze, z Jirkova dvora, kamosDurabo, Tom van't Leefdaalhof, Anrebi, Mohnwiese, and multiple outstanding lines.

Withg keeping a small number of dogs, our goal is to give the puppies a wealth of love and individual attention. Our dogs are part of the family, with room to roam and training on a daily basis.

In our photo gallery you will have the opportunity to view first hand the sublime shepherds that originated from the Lone Star Working Shepherds family.

Thank you for visiting our site where our breeds inclination towards making their owner happy and their high degree of intelligence have made this breed successful working dog and outstanding companion for your family.